Lose weight without hunger
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Lose weight without hunger
Join the Keto Fitness online program
Just 6 weeks!
Carol before
Just 8 weeks
Listen to Carol after 4 weeks
Carol's Results in 4 Weeks
  • 4.5 kg off weight
  • 7.5 cm off waist
  • Clothes more comfortable
  • Really like the food
  • There's no hunger
How Did She Get These Results?
Without Hunger
Without Any Extra Exercise
Without Counting Calories or Steps
Carol has been following the Keto Fitness program.

Keto Fitness is the only online program that helps you determine your body's Individual Carbohydrate Tolerance and what that means in foods that you and your family like.

The result is that you get better access to the abundant energy that's literally trapped in your fat cells.

This makes losing weight and having all-day energy so much easier.
We've pooled decades of knowledge, and experience to create this program
We've been working in fitness for 40 years and weight loss for 18 years. Everything is about results for our members. 
You'll learn how you can:
  • Start losing weight and excess around your waistline immediately.
  • Learn about your body's Individual Carbohydrate Tolerance and what that means in foods you like.
  • Stop struggling with your weight and learn how to stay at your desired weight.
  • Learn EXACTLY what foods work for your body, reducing symptoms of inflammation such as joint pain.
  • Lose weight without having to do daily blood sugar or ketone measures.
  • Recognise the foods and drinks that we're told are healthy but stop you losing weight.
Jamie Hayes
Keto Fitness Founder

"Clients pay me $140 per hour for individual coaching. With Keto Fitness you don't pay that and you get all the tips and resources to get fantastic results at home." 
What You'll Get With The Keto Fitness Program
Instant access to the Keto Fitness online program with 6 weeks of easy-to-follow lessons

You'll get the step-by-step training to explain EXACTLY what to do to get started straight away.

Access your Keto Fitness membership portal on any computer, any mobile device, tablet, iPad, or smart phone (IOS or Android). 

Each week you'll get access to the next training module - with short video lessons at the right time in your 6-week journey.

Plus you'll get email reminders with bonus tips and links to extra resources.
Action Guides to answer all your questions - including the ones you don't know to ask!

From the moment you register you get instant access to the Fast Start Guidelines, easy-to-prepare tasty recipes, menu plan for the first week and easy shopping list.

Get all the cheat sheets, resources and checklists gives you everything you need at your finger tips.
  • Fast Start Eating Plan so you can get started straight away
  • Keto Fitness Shopping List - get the right foods
  • Keto Snack Ideas - to avoid any between-meal cravings
  • Keto Breakfast Ideas - start each day right
  • Protein Powder Ideas - make your own snacks
  • Keto Fitness Menu Plan - easy ideas for the whole week
  • Blank menu plan - makes it easier to customise your eating plan
Keto Fitness Daily Pocket Planner - 72 page printed version sent to you in the post

On the next business day we'll also mail you your 6-week Keto Fitness Daily Planner.
Keto Fitness Daily Pocket Planner - 72 page printed version sent to you in the post

On the next business day we'll also mail you your 6-week Keto Fitness Daily Planner.
It's a handy pocket size that puts you in control. The Daily Planner includes:
  • Keto Fitness - meal plan guidelines to help you plan your day's food and shopping.
  • Huge list of proteins, fats and carbs foods (yes carbs) with recommended serving sizes - no guesswork!
  • Vision statement page to use the latest in sports psychology - program your mind and emotions while you re-program your body for success.
  • Daily planning pages (1 per day) for the entire program. This system helps you pre-plan your meals and activities, AND helps you monitor your body's responses.
  • Fortnightly adjustment pages to help you discover your body's individual carb tolerance.
The Keto Fitness Daily Planner is key to your success!
Please allow at least 7 business days for your parcel to arrive.
Register now to learn about our optional Extras Package
1. Keto Fitness Meal Ideas - load up to your phone or tablet.

Enjoy easy, quick, great-tasting recipes with 72 tried and tested keto meals.

Great ideas for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Easy contents so you can click on the meal you like in the contents and it takes you straight there.
2. Ask Me Anything - Extra Support Portal

If you choose, you can get this extra support where you're never losing weight alone. Imagine being able to ask any question anytime and learn from the questions of others.

The forum is completely private (not on Facebook) and you can ask any questions (except medical).

Always allow a working day for any response and understand that the forum is NOT your doctor and so no medical questions please.
3. Mobile App

Instead of having to use a browser (on computer of device) to access your course, you can get access to our app. 

This makes it easier to access the course anywhere on your favourite device.
Free Bonus Weeks
If you want to get even better results and learn more, we've added two extra weeks modules to help you get even better results.

The Daily Planner also has space for two extra weeks. Normally 2 extra weeks would cost $50 extra but there's no extra charge! We want you to get great results.
Frequently Asked Questions - click any question
How much weight will I lose in 6 weeks?
The answer depends on your sex, age, current weight and how you follow the program. Plus, weight loss will vary week by week. Everybody's results differ. We encourage you to think of the program as part of your long term health journey.
How do I get access to the Keto Fitness program?
Once you register your details on the form on this page, you'll be taken to another page to process your order. Within 5 minutes you will receive two emails:

Email 1
Welcome Email from [email protected] with an overview of how to get started.

Email 2
Course Login Email from [email protected]. Click the link on this email and log in with your email and the password sent to you.

If you do not receive these emails please check your spam or promotions tab. If you can't see them, please email [email protected]
Why are we offering this special 66% off pricing?
Although we've had tens of thousands do our full one-on-one coaching programs ($1,600 to $3,300 for the year) and hundreds already do the Keto Fitness DIY online program, we're keen to find out who is best suited to a DIY program versus a higher cost coaching program.

To incentivise people to "give it a go" and if they wish, give us feedback, we're making it available at a special early bird rate.

Although we've made the Keto Fitness program as easy as possible to follow, with loads of extra recipes, videos, handouts and cheat sheets, some people know that they don't have the self discipline to follow a program, even for just 6 weeks.

If that describes you, and you feel that you need extra accountability, we suggest you do not enrol in the Keto Fitness program. 

If you'd like us to introduce you to a full coaching program send us an email with your name, email, suburb/town and mobile to [email protected]. We'll get a coach to contact you.
Do I need any cooking skills?
If you can chop vegetables and salads, put some meat, fish or eggs in a frypan, then you'll do fine. Any experience you have in the kitchen will add to your meals.
Do I have to buy any supplements?
No. There are no pills or potions. However to make it easier to achieve the optimal protein levels to avoid hunger, we do suggest a low carb protein powder for morning and afternoon snacks. But this is completely optional.
Do I have to buy any special ingredients?
No. All the foods can be bought in any supermarket, butcher, fish shop, green grocer, in store on online.
Do I have to buy ketone measuring strips?
No. With the Keto Fitness program the only things you have to monitor are: 1. How you feel, 2. Is your waistline going down, 3. Are your pants feeling loser, and 4. Is your weight coming down.

The program gives you a pathway to adapt your food lists based upon your body's response. We take the complicated and make it simple.
I'm busy. How much time does it take?
The program is designed so you spend less time with food-related activities. Food preparation is quick and we have time-saving tips. Using your Daily Planner booklet should only take a few minutes a day.
What stops me regaining weight after 6 weeks?
The Keto Fitness program differs from other programs as it is designed to help you learn your body's individual carbohydrate tolerance, and what that means in foods you like (now and in the future).

You'll learn a new way of eating that can help you maintain a healthy weight for life.

Temporary approaches to diets don't work. It needs to be a lifestyle change. You need to learn the foods that work with your body and what foods to avoid.
Will I be able to eat out with friends and family?
Yes. We provide simple guidelines that make it easy to go out and still stay on plan, without having to ever say "I'm on a diet". Nobody need know unless you tell them. Ordering at restaurants is easy.
Will I be able to drink alcohol?
Yes. In the program is a special module dedicated to alcohol to give you educated options. It deals with what types of alcohol to choose and avoid, how much, how often, how it might affect your results, and how to enjoy social situations without any angst.
Do I have to make one meal for me and another for my family?
No. Most families love the meals we suggest. Growing kids and very active adults may have bigger servings though.
With Keto Fitness do I have to do any special fitness program?
No. If you're currently exercising, keep doing the same. If you're not exercising, do not worry.

We find that as people start to lose weight and their joints feel better, physical activity becomes much easier.

Many people doing the Keto Fitness program start increasing their regular exercise because they feel like it. Our modules provide tips for exercising at home and at the gym.
Case Study - Carol
Marketing and communications expert and TV presenter Carol O'Halloran shares her photos at the start and after 8 weeks on Keto Fitness.
What people notice!
Although she obviously lost size, weight and cms, many friends commented on how much better she looked in the face.
8 weeks
8 weeks
Carol at 4 weeks
In 4 Weeks
  • 4.5 kg off weight
  • 7.5 cm off waist
  • Clothes more comfortable
  • Really like food
  • There's no hunger
Carol at 8 weeks
In 8 Weeks
  • 6 kg off weight
  • 10 cm off weight
  • 10 cm off chest
  • Clothes much more comfortable
  • Really like food
  • There's no hunger
Carol is a professional freelance video presenter. Her health, energy and appearance can make a big difference to her career. Learn more about Carol at: 
Launch Special - Get the Keto Fitness 6-Week Program with 66% off.
Normally $149. Today only $49.
Dr Gary Fettke  Orthopaedic Surgeon

Founder: Diabetes & Health Research Centre – Nutrition for Life

“Learning something new can be challenging, particularly when it involves confronting a lifetime of misinformation.

For many, having the basics and the support there, makes all the difference.

The basis of your health is your nutrition and the ‘Keto Fitness’ program is a great source for starting that journey. Jamie Hayes and his team have been promoting this for years.

It’s just taking a long time for the rest of us to play catch-up.”

Dr Rod Tayler  Anaesthetist

Co-Founder: Low Carb Down Under

"I have known Jamie and Ellen Hayes since we set up Low Carb Down Under together in 2012. They are great friends and fantastic to collaborate with.

They totally understand LCHF! (low Carb Healthy Fat)

I highly recommend their programs for optimising their clients' weight and metabolic health."
Dr Eric Davis  Dentist, Clinical Nutritionist
Eric Davis Dental, Nutrition Diagnostics

For the past 20 years, there has been a steady rise worldwide in the incidence of chronic disease.  Among the most serious conditions are heart disease, stroke, cancer, arthritis, diabetes, psychiatric problems, Parkinson's disease and Alzheimer's. At the same time, we have witnessed the appearance of killer viruses and a disturbing, almost frightening, increase in the number of antibiotic-resistant bacteria.  The failure of the medical and dental community to solve these chronic problems, in spite of spending billions of tax dollars, can be traced largely to their insistence on a flawed, disease-oriented approach to health. Yet as you will see modern medicine in acute crisis intervention is extraordinary. 

A doctor’s training correctly keeps his or her focus on “disease” and the mechanistic concept that is so important in any emergency. 

Health, though is what you ultimately do for yourself.  

Keto Fitness is more than achieving amazing weight loss results it is the beginning to Total Health.

One of the driving philosophies at my nutritional and dental centre, and shared by Keto Fitness, is that everybody’s body is different, and everybody’s physiology is different. Therefore, you must tailor a programme to match their needs. The great news is that there's a process to get almost anyone from where they are … to where they enjoy health and feel fantastic! 

We will all one day face a challenge and depending on your level of health as you enter that challenge will determine the outcome. Your level of health is intimately entwined with your nutritional status.

With Jamie and Ellen you will meet a couple and a support team with a winning attitude, an attitude that is essential to overcoming significant weight and thus health challenges. 

You will also be introduced to an overall strategy for weight loss that is tried and true. Let it direct you. Let the results inspire you.

Launch Special - Get the Keto Fitness 6-Week Program with 66% off.
Normally $149. Today only $49.
The Keto Fitness 6 Week Program is ideal for you if you have asked yourself any of these questions
  • How can I get the results I want?
  • How can I learn my body's Individual Carbohydrate Tolerance (ICT)?
  • How can I lose weight and stop struggling with this?
  • Where can I learn how EXACTLY what foods work for my body?
  • Where will I get support trying to solve this problem?
  • Where will I meet and connect with other like minded people?
Already searched on Google or Youtube for answers? There's over 1,500,000,000 (That's one and half BILLION) different answers.

If you've asked yourself any of these questions, and you are tired of struggling with your weight (all by yourself) the Keto Fitness program is for you!
Helping you get results faster
Inside the membership we help you maximize your results and solve your most pressing weight loss problems. Simply post your success or struggles in the private section, if you need help with any of the following:
  • If you are not getting the results you'd hoped for.
  • If you are tired of struggling with the question "What exactly should I eat to lose weight?"
  • if you feel stuck inside your body that does not seem to want to burn fat.
  • If you feel you've been all alone on your journey to a slimmer healthier body.
  • if you are confused and not sure what to do. Everybody says something different.
  • If you tried different things, different diets, different exercise regimes but nothing seems to work.
Thinking Differently

Where many people have the belief that "Exercise leads to weight loss" we have found, that for those people carrying extra weight and not exercising, the reverse is true "Weight loss (via effective dietary change) leads to exercise."

You may have heard the statement "You can't out run a bad diet." We don't believe people should be made to feel guilty with the concept of a "bad diet". The reality is that they may be on the wrong diet (daily food choices) for their body, at this stage in their life, and those choices are manifesting in excess weight, and/or negative health conditions.

Keto Fitness helps establish a healthy sustainable way of eating to optimise weight and health. It is not a quick fix. It does rely mainly on fresh foods.

We believe that everyone can and should be enjoying the benefits of regular exercise. The Keto Fitness program is an effective way to lose weight, develop sustainable dietary habits and in this way it helps people be more inclined towards physical activity for a healthier life.
Launch Special - Get the Keto Fitness 6-Week Program with 66% off.
Normally $149. Today only $49.

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