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  • There's an untapped market in your area.
  • Why many of these potential members are NOT enquiring at your centre.
  • How you can add an extra 10 to 30 new members a month on top of your normal sales target.
  • Why you do NOT need to become or hire a nutrition expert in order to attract and look after people who want to lose weight. The program does that.
  • This is not complex or hard! It's a quality program, that saves you time, effort and risk. It can be set up within 48 hours. No management or staff time.
  • You do NOT have to sell supplements.
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Want evidence that fresh food, no-supplement, low carb programs work?  Here are Randomised Controlled Trial (RCT) studies showing the efficacy of low carb and ketogenic lifestyle programs? Click HERE>
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  • Real food program
  • No expensive supplements
  • No saliva / medical tests
  • Easy to implement
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What Gym Operators Say...
Tony Brunton 
First Place Fitness & Weight Loss Waikato
Waikato NZ

"For every one person joining a gym wanting to lose weight there are many more who want to lose weight and don't even consider a fitness centre. We wanted a program and the marketing to attract them, too.

I’m glad we discovered dietflex (the one-on-one program developed by Jamie and his team at Keto Fitness). We’re attracting more members and PT clients as a result. Their results have been spectacular."
David Jordan
Manager WIRAC YMCA Warwick Qld

"Thanks, Jamie and team, for the outstanding Keto Fitness program. 

The marketing, landing page and sales funnel strategy you provide made all the difference to getting the word out there, and our social media marketing went through the roof. 

We're looking after our new members' fitness needs while Keto Fitness looks after their weight loss needs. It's a win:win, with no extra work or expertise for us."

Gavin Marshall
Owner Jenkins Gym and Healthy Inspirations
Lower Hutt  NZ
Marketing Director - Radical Fitness

"The thing I like about working with Jamie and Ellen Hayes is their commitment to being on the cutting edge of what really works in weight loss (our members have lost over 11,000 kilos on their programs). What really works is their marketing to attract the overweight de-conditioned into our centre. 

They have helped me and my team build an active weight loss business within my fitness business, and this has led to many previously sedentary overweight members becoming fitness members for life.

Without the marketing that they provide, most of these people would never have become gym members."
Simon Fox
Owner Lifestyle Essentials
Mitcham, Victoria

"As a Fitness professional with over 23 yes experience I have seen a lot of programs come and go. Fads, and programs that claim that they will grow your business.

When I first saw their Dietflex (coaching program) I thought "Here we go again", but this is so far from the truth. In 23 years of working in the health and fitness industry I have never experienced such an easy-to-follow, step-by-step program that not only helps your clients, but creates new clients for you. Jamie and the team have many it so easy for fitness and weight loss professional to grow their business.

If you work in the fitness industry and in the area of weight loss and you would like a step-by-step, easy-to-follow program that works, then you need to chat to Jamie and the team.

In our first 16 weeks we have over 25 enquires and saw over 135 kg of weight loss!
What Industry Experts Say...
Steve Jensen
Impact Training Corporation and National Sales Academy

"One of the glaring challenges I see many fitness businesses and personal trainers are having is, for them to be ‘known as an expert’ in something and being able to differentiate themselves in the market place (Being Different)

I have known Jamie and Ellen for over 20 years and the have always been at the tipping edge of nutrition, ensuring their members and clients achieve results.

When I saw how Dietflex and now Keto Fitness worked, I was excited to see that at last, there was an easy-to-do, effective way Clubs, Studios and Personal Trainers can attract extra Members and Clients.

I have recommended Dietflex and Keto Fitness to many of our clients and they have all raved about the results their members and clients are achieving.

Justin Tamsett
Active Management, Fitness Business Podcast

Jamie & Ellen Hayes have years of experience at every level of the industry, they truly understand the challenges of running a fitness business, generating income and helping members achieve results.
Jamie has a personal passion with nutrition piece of the results puzzle.

I would highly recommend chatting with him about how Keto Fitness and its innovating marketing program can help you get extra leads and membership sales, generate more income in your business while helping your members achieve amazing results.

Casey Conrad

Watch my casual video chat with Jamie when we discuss the opportunity that most club owners don't understand and miss the extra memberships they could be selling as a result.

Click HERE to see.

What Health Experts Say...
Dr Gary Fettke  Orthopaedic Surgeon

Founder: Diabetes & Health Research Centre – Nutrition for Life

“Learning something new can be challenging, particularly when it involves confronting a lifetime of misinformation. 

For many, having the basics and the support there, makes all the difference. 

The basis of your health is your nutrition and the ‘Keto Fitness’ program is a great source for starting that journey. Jamie Hayes and his team have been promoting this for years. 

It’s just taking a long time for the rest of us to play catch-up.”

Dr Rod Tayler  Anaesthetist

Co-Founder: Low Carb Down Under

"I have known Jamie and Ellen Hayes since we set up Low Carb Down Under together in 2012. They are great friends and fantastic to collaborate with.

They totally understand LCHF! (low Carb Healthy Fat).

I highly recommend their programs for optimising their clients' weight and metabolic health."
Dr Eric Davis  Dentist, Clinical Nutritionist

Eric Davis Dental, Nutrition Diagnostics

For the past 20 years, there has been a steady rise worldwide in the incidence of chronic disease. 

Keto Fitness is more than achieving amazing weight loss results it is the beginning to total health.

One of the driving philosophies at my nutritional and dental centre, and shared by Keto Fitness, is that everybody’s body is different, and everybody’s physiology is different. Therefore, you must tailor a programme to match their needs. The great news is that there's a process to get almost anyone from where they are … to where they enjoy health and feel fantastic! 

With Jamie and Ellen you will meet a couple and a support team with a winning attitude, an attitude that is essential to overcoming significant weight and thus health challenges. 

You will also be introduced to an overall strategy for weight loss that is tried and true. 

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