How the combination of:
  • Online Weight Loss Program
  • Low cost Facebook advertising
  • Instant lead delivery system
  • Sales tools for weight loss market
can help your business add 10 to 30 extra memberships a month.
Before you watch Casey, let's get money out of the way. If we feel your business is right for this marketing program and this market, we charge $0 to set this up for your business. (Our colleagues say we are crazy. We will eventually charge around $1,995.) We work on a success basis. You only pay us for each new member you sign up to the bundled weight loss + fitness membership. Plus, you get the program fess up front with membership. You can run the program every month of the year. You can stop anytime. 
Watch our casual "Car Chat" with Fitness Marketing & Sales Expert - Casey Conrad
When you get a chance to pick Casey's brain, skills and insights you grab it!

This is NOT about: internal challenges to members, having a nutrition expert on staff, selling expensive supplements to members or trying to sell weight loss programs to existing members. It's about getting extra leads and sales.

If your business is not interested in signing up extra members who are 35+ and overweight or obese, who want simple exercise options, this video chat is not for you.
It's Saturday morning.

I'm in the car and chatting with fitness marketing and sales legend Casey Conrad via Zoom. (I'm not driving of course.)

It's too good not to record. So I asked her if I could record our conversation.
Below is that conversation broken up into a number of videos. (We dropped out a few times.)


PS If you'd like to take advantage of this straight away, to boost memberships in your business, just contact me. Details at bottom.
Video 1: Finding Extra Members Using Weight Loss Program Marketing - 13 mins
Video 2: The Weight Loss Sales Process - Part 1. Bundling Weight Loss Program in With Membership - 5 mins
Video 3: The Weight Loss Program Sales Process - Part 2 - 14 mins
Video 4: Recruiting Sales Leaders + Free Stuff from Casey - 5 mins
  • To learn about the three different options for fitness clubs: Healthy Inspirations (centre within a centre), Dietflex (one-one-one coaching program) and Keto Fitness (online program) - Contact Jamie Hayes on (04) 1828 1126 or email [email protected]
  • Want to learn more about how to use weight loss marketing with an online weight loss program to attract new members. Click HERE.
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Casey Conrad

Casey Conrad has been in the health and fitness industry for over 30 years. She is the President of Communication Consultants WBS, Inc., a company dedicated to providing high-quality sales, marketing and management seminars for professionals in the health and fitness industry worldwide.

In addition to authoring “Selling Fitness: The Complete Guide to Selling Health Club Memberships,” she has created and published over 24 other sales and marketing products specifically for the health and fitness industry. Her other books include “Selling Personal Training,” “Internet Marketing for Health & Fitness Facilities,” “The Business of Yoga,” and “Hidden Profits.”

In 2000 Casey founded Healthy Inspirations, an international chain of women’s weight loss and fitness centers. She was responsible for creating all the sales training programs and marketing materials for the entire organization, which reached 122 locations before she sold out in 2008. In 2007 she developed a licensed weight loss program for health clubs called Take It Off. She sold that company in 2013.

She has been a featured presenter in 25 countries and has spoken for numerous industry organizations including IHRSA, Club Industry, Network for Fitness Professionals in Australia, Gold’s Gym Enterprises, Bodylife in England and Germany, Forum in Italy, EFFA in Holland and Asiafit in Hong Kong, India and Bejing. In addition, Casey is a featured columnist for numerous industry magazines and publications.

She received her BA from The American University, her JD at Roger Williams University School of Law. In addition, she is certified in Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Neuro-Associative Conditioning.

Jamie Hayes
Jamie and his wife Ellen are founders of Healthy Inspirations Australia & New Zealand, Dietflex one-on-one weight loss coaching, and Keto Fitness online program and membership marketing.

These businesses have helped over 15,000 members lose over 150,000 kilos. They have also helped fitness clubs attract new members who would not have previously considered joining a fitness club.

Their weight loss programs focus on using healthy fresh-food eating plans (not expensive supplements) and cutting-edge face-to-face and online programming to help people lose weight in a sustainable healthy way.

As there are often pre-conceived beliefs about different diets (ways of eating) amongst fitness professionals and consumers, they provide alternative branding from which partner clubs can choose. The goal is to create new members, who become long term members.

Jamie was the first fitness professional to be awarded Australian National Fitness Leader of the Year in Australia in 1987.

Like Casey, he has presented at the Filex International Fitness Conference on many occasions.

Phone (04) 1828 1126
Email [email protected]

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