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Dear owner or manager,

We could have your centre up and running, getting leads into your teams' inboxes within the next 7 days.

In this webinar we made a very special limited-time offer to give our $1,500 marketing package at $0 as we are keen to get some early partners started who would be willing to collaborate and share their results. This is limited to the first five centres.

We already have some clubs receiving a flood of new leads. Some have added 20 new members in a month.

Although we do not offer any exclusive arrangement, we are not interested in having two centres in the same marketing area, unless they are the same brand.

And so we encourage you to take action so that you will be the only centre running this promotion in your area.

To book a strategy call with me (Jamie) at a time that suits your calendar click the orange button below. On that call, we can discuss whether the dietflex one-on-one coaching program or the Keto Fitness online program would be best for your business model.

In the Webinar we discussed 2 reasons clubs do not attract the potential number of new members from locals wanting to lose weight.
1. They don't have a scalable attractive weight loss program
2. They don't have an effective marketing program to market the weight loss program

There is a 3rd component that we mentioned, and that is ensuring you and your team have the sales systems and skills for:
1. phone skills to convert online enquiries to appointments that show
2. soft sales skills to convert enquiries to become long term members

Steve is offering a free Sale Growth Plan phone session to qualifying clubs. To book that with Steve, click the blue button below.

Talk soon


PS This program only suits centres that have existing facilities, programs and classes that are suitable for new overweight members whose fitness level is low. .

To learn about Keto Fitness & dietflex
Jamie Hayes
[email protected]
04 128 1126
To learn about increasing sales conversion
Steve Jensen
[email protected]
04 1121 2200
Gavin Marshall
Owner Jenkins Gym and Healthy Inspirations
Lower Hutt  NZ
Marketing Director - Radical Fitness

"Using this program the direct debit from our weight loss business has grown to over $20,000 a month.

The thing I like about working with Jamie and Ellen Hayes is their commitment to being on the cutting edge of what really works in weight loss (our members have lost over 13,200 kilos on their programs) and what really works in marketing to attract the overweight de-conditioned into our centre. 

They have helped me and my team build an active weight loss business within my fitness business, and this has led to many previously sedentary overweight members becoming fitness members for life. Without the marketing that they provide, most of these people would never have become gym members."
Tony Brunton 
First Place Fitness & Weight Loss Waikato
Waikato NZ

"The most common goal of new members and PT clients is WEIGHT LOSS.  We used to sign them up despite knowing that exercise won’t be nearly as effective without an equally effective personalised dietary change program. We did not want to leave that to chance.

For every one person joining a gym wanting to lose weight there are many more who want to lose weight and don't even consider a fitness centre. We wanted a program to attract them, too.

I’m glad we discovered dietflex (the one-on-one program developed by Jamie and his team at Keto Fitness). We’re attracting and keeping more members and PT clients as a result. Their results have been spectacular."
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